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Mary, Peter, Andrew & Jonathan, Kingsbridge

Pasture Fed Organic Yoghurt

Pasture Fed Organic Yoghurt

Exceptional. Contains nothing but pasture fed organic milk and the vital living bacteria that turn it into yoghurt.

Incubated for a minimum of 24 hours to make it as tasty and nutritious as possible, choose between 'original' or 'smooth'. (Even better, try one of each.)

Organic MILK, bio live cultures.

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How Much Do I Need?

We reckon that 250g of meat or filleted fish (or about 500g of whole fish) will usually be more than enough to satisfy one hungry adult.

Some might say that this is a little OTT, but we’d always rather you had leftovers than that sinking feeling of having let your guests down….

That said, if you like to eat a lot, feel free to order more. You're unlikely to be disappointed! 

Allergens & Other Information

Clearly all the fish that our producers sell contains FISH.

Likewise, the shellfish contains SHELLFISH/LIVE SHELLFISH, MOLLUSCS.

The products that you receive will be labelled accordingly.

It is also important to note that everything is packed in a unit that handles MULTIPLE AND VARYING ALLERGENS and so if you or anyone you are serving has the slightest allergy, it is our sad, but very strong, recommendation that you do not buy through Wylde. We will not be able to accept any liability to you if you do.

We should also say that you might find the odd bone in filleted fish, as well as bone and/or bullet fragments and/or shot in venison and any other meat that our producers offer from time to time. (We could also point out that this is precisely because this is real food, produced sustainably by artisanal producers as opposed to some ghoulish factory Frankenfood, but we’d probably be overstepping the mark if we did that….)

Other products from time to time may also contain GLUTEN or MILK or other allergens but again such products will be labelled accordingly.

We’re so sorry to have to labour all this, but it’s the law. 

Delivery & Packaging

We deliver nationwide* direct to your door on Friday, at a flat fee of £10. 

Produce comes vacuum packed, ready to go straight in your fridge or freezer.

Please note that if there's no one in, the courier will leave your box in a safe place.

*sadly we can’t yet guarantee next day delivery to the Highlands and Islands or Northern Ireland. In the meantime, if you fancy ordering any non-perishable items, we’d be absolutely delighted!

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