When does the market open?

The market is open every Wednesday from 7am to 7pm. 


How do I stay updated?

Register your email below and we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop with what’s been caught, hunted, farmed and foraged and also let you know about any special offers or discounts. 


Is all your food organic?No. There’s a couple of reasons for that.

The first is that achieving the official organic certification can be a hugely bureaucratic, box-ticking affair. This can put it beyond the reach of some of our producers, even if they might already be doing a lot of what is required.
The second is that organic status still often permits some practices and additives that we believe to be bad juju.
We prefer instead to focus on producers of what we call 'real food’.


How do you select producers?

In a word, carefully. We meet with them all, face to face, and learn about how and where they work. We test their commitment to sustainability and conservation and, similarly, they test ours. It’s a mutual respect which, over time, leads to deep trust. 


Is wild food safe?

All of our producers are legally required to ensure that the food they sell to you is safe for you to eat. Obviously take special care if you or someone you’re feeding is allergic to something, but otherwise rest assured that you’ll be eating a quality product.


How do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide* direct to your door, via DPD at a flat fee of £10.

Produce comes vacuum packed, ready to go straight in your fridge or freezer.

Everything else is 100% recyclable card and paper, including our brilliant Water In A Box ice packs. We freeze these amazing little cardboard bottles to keep your produce chilled.

Depending on the weather, you'll find them either wholly or partially defrosted by the time they arrive with you. The water - from sustainable springs in the Mendip Hills in Somerset - is fantastic and ready to drink.

If you find that some of the paper void fill is a little damp, don't worry - that's just condensation from the bottles.

*excluding the Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland. 


Is the produce cooked?

No, unless specifically stated otherwise.


Do all your producers do all their own butchery and filleting and the like?      
Some do, and some don’t. Some like to do it, and some prefer to have a friendly game dealer or fish expert or butcher deal with their produce but rest assured that the produce is from the producers whose story you have read.


Is the produce frozen?

No, unless specifically stated otherwise. Produce that is advertised as frozen will be shipped frozen and you can expect it to defrost en route. Do not refreeze. 


Can I freeze the produce?

Yes, absolutely (unless it’s sold as frozen in which case you should not refreeze). Fish and meat both freeze really well when they're vac-packed and will be good for 3 months or so. 


Why are some of the whole fish sold in a weight 'range' as opposed to more precisely?

Because, very simply, wild fish comes out of the sea in different sizes (unlike farmed fish). To make things easy, we've given names to certain weight ranges and indicated the minimum number of mouths each fish will feed. 

Don't panic about being sold short. Producers will tend to be as generous as possible, within those ranges, knowing that this is what will lead you to reorder with them. 


How fresh is the fish?

Very. You won't get any fresher unless you literally buy it straight off the boat, or catch it yourself.

Unlike fish that you see in fishmongers - which has been caught, gone to market, then a wholesaler, and then to the retailers, often being driven all over the country in the process (and hanging around for a surprising amount of time) - this fish comes straight to you from the person who caught it.