As you might expect, we take our responsibilities to the planet and sustainability very seriously indeed.

There are 5 key principles that are central to this.

We call these our 5Ps.

At Wylde, we care about where our food comes from. We know you do too. Scallops hand dived in Lyme Bay, where conservation methods are leading to a renaissance in life. Dartmoor venison, from wild deer that are managed to protect the wider environment. Line caught bass, dispatched using the Shinkei Jime method, that is both more humane and results in better tasting fish.

We know exactly where your food comes from - because we know the people who produce it.

To our producers sustainability isn’t a mere buzzword. It’s a way of life. They are sustainable because there is no alternative. Producers often tell us that they consider themselves to be stewards of the land or sea. If they don't look after it, then who will? Take, for instance, Rachael and Jonny whose regeneratively farmed beef and lamb actively sequesters carbon back into the soil. They do this not just because they care for the environment, but because their livelihoods depend on it. Or consider Rebecca, who makes her pickles and kimchis from leaves, stalks and other items that might otherwise have been discarded.

Our producers act with integrity. Production without exploitation.

Our simple, just-in-time supply chain sets us apart. All produce makes its way from our producers to our central distribution hub where, in a matter of hours, it’s packaged into one convenient box and sent directly to you. Compare this with the supermarkets. Take fish for instance, who knows how many intermediaries and middlemen there are between the producer and the supermarket shelf? And the fish you are buying there? It can be as old as two weeks. And then what if no one buys it?

At Wylde, there’s zero food waste because the only food that comes to us is what you’ve ordered, with nothing sitting on shelves or in open fridges. The result? Food that’s not just fresh, and better quality, but better for the planet too.

We've been trying to get this perfect since we started. We've got three goals. Keep the produce fresh. Keep it sustainable. Don't leave you with a whole load of packaging that you can't get rid of. Our packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable. None of that horrid polystyrene. The box is cardboard and can be recycled curb side.  We use ice packs with biodegradable gels. The gel can go down the drain, or even better, into your soil. Your garden will love it. To fill the void in the box, we thought about lamb’s wool and wool denim. All very ‘nice’, but what do you do with it? Instead, we keep everything insulated with a corrugated cardboard that keeps the cold in and the air out – and goes straight into your regular recycling.

But this is only the beginning. We’ll keep iterating and improving our packaging. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

We’re actively changing the way folk buy and sell food. And we’re really proud of that. When you buy with Wylde, you’re directly supporting our amazing producers who care for and look after the land. And that’s pretty cool.

Because in the end that’s what Wylde is all about. Connecting good people doing good things with good people doing good things.