Why Wylde?

Wylde is a farmers' market, where everything happens online.

Liberated by technology, fishermen, farmers, hunters, foragers and artisans of all types pitch up with what they’ve caught, grown and made.

And they set the prices.

The market opens online each weekend and is open until Wednesday at 2pm. And like any real life market, it’s best to get there early.

Delivery – with everything you buy from our producers coming in one convenient box – is nationwide and takes place every Friday.

We’re not a supermarket. We won’t always have everything you might fancy eating. That’s because what our producers bring to the market is by definition highly seasonal and weather dependent.

So we’re not for everyone.

But if you believe that the food you eat, where it comes from and how it was produced matters then Wylde is for you.

If you believe that the men and women who produce extraordinary artisanal food the length and breadth of this country - helping steward our lands and seas while they're at it - deserve agency and a better deal, then Wylde is for you.

And if you believe in the simple, ancient and quintessentially human joy of preparing and then sitting down to eat amazing food with amazing people – and hearing the stories of both – then you were born to be Wylde.

Want To Become A Producer?

If you’re interested in selling your produce via Wylde Market, drop us a line at questions@wylde.market and we’ll be in touch.

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