Wylde about....the French.

Wylde about....the French.

All this coronation chat has me thinking revolutionary thoughts.

What if the British ate more like the French?

Keith Floyd set out the difference, years ago. The British, he said, will find their recipe and then go out to buy the ingredients.

The French, on the other hand, will go to the market, see what's good and only then decide what they're going to eat. They even have a phrase for it, of course - selon le marché.It's a really interesting distinction, when you think about it, and it goes to heart of food culture.But the other trick our friends across la manche know is that if you buy the freshest, best ingredients selon le marché then often you don't actually need to do that much with them, prep-wise.This time-saving savoir-faire is no doubt imperative when you also have to squeeze in to your day important things like philosophising and protesting and drinking very strong coffee very seriously and very slowly - but I suspect we could do with a bit of it on this side of the channel too.Anyway, must dash. Like a proper John Bull, I've got Sunday lunch to start thinking about.On the menu in this house aujourd'hui?Le rosbif, of course.Nick PS - we honestly just LOVE seeing what you make with the food you buy via our little marché. Please keep 'em coming.


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