Wylde about....Scallops.

Wylde about....Scallops.

This is James.
This time tomorrow he hopes to be 20 - 30 metres underwater.
In fact, that’s true of every day next week.
Because James is a scallop diver.
At 0630, he meets his two colleagues in the harbour and then the three of them head out into the rich waters of the Lyme Bay Marine Reserve on their boat, Grey Mist. 
Taking it in turns, two of them stay on the boat, while the other one puts on a dry suit and dives for an hour or so.
The scallops live freely in the mud, rock and sand so James and his mates simply grab them with their hands and put them into their collecting bags.
When done, up comes the diver and with him the scallops. They then steam back to shore, where the scallops are shucked and prepped ready for all us soft-handed, land-lubbing officey types to enjoy.
Sounds great, Nick. So why on earth haven't you had any on the market for months?

Well, here's the thing. It's all about visibility. James and his mates have got to be able to see the scallops to bag 'em.

And you can imagine what this winter and spring weather has meant for underwater visibility. There just hasn't been any.

But....it's clearing. James is optimistic. And that makes me optimistic. 

If he starts diving again this week, there'll be scallops on Wednesday morning. 

They'll go very, very fast in my experience, so you may want to build the rest of your box now and simply add any scallops if and when they get listed.
Have a great Bank Hol,

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