Wylde about....Eating Better.

Wylde about....Eating Better.

Over the hols, a relative asked me - 

'So how did you get into this whole wild food thing?' 

A fair enough question, I think.

Not least because over the past few months, many of you have shared with us your different reasons for coming to Wylde:

- the tiny carbon footprint
- the superlow food miles
- the eagerness to eat more seasonally and locally 
- the questionable ethics of intensively raising animals
- the desire to support artisanal producers and old school, sustainable practices

And the list goes on....

First and foremost for me, though, it's about health and provenance.

Wild food is food in its most natural state. It's not been interfered with. It's the opposite of processed food - and, by definition, free from nasties. 

Similarly, as I get older, I find that more and more I want to know where my food comes from. Who? Where? How? And, even, sometimes, why?

Whatever your reasons, the truth is the none of us is thinking any less aboutwhat we eat.

And that's seriously exciting. 

Because it's how, together and over time, we start to hold to account the previously unaccountable - and incredibly cynical - 'food industry'.

The rebellion starts here. Spread the word.


PS - The market re-opens on Wednesday 4 January, 7am - 7pm.
PPS - the hot smoking of the haunch worked a treat. Breathtakingly delicious. Used it like a ham over Christmas. More details here. 

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