Wylde about....Australians.

Wylde about....Australians.

Australians love lamb.

Like, really, really love it.
This was brought into very sharp focus for me one summer, years ago.
My wife and I had invited some Aussie neighbours over for lunch.
I’d decided to light the barbie and grill some lamb.
A butterflied leg of lamb, to be precise. And it was Harry and Emily listing theirs this week that reminded me of this story.
Because as our neighbour Gary took his first mouthful, his eyes welled with tears. And then - I kid you not - he actually started crying.
‘Mate,’ he said, ‘I’m sitting here sobbing like a Sheila (honestly, he genuinely said this) because that lamb is absolutely bloody phenomenal – that’s the taste of home, that is.’
I was touched by the compliment, of course, and mentioned that we’d been Down Under earlier that year to visit some relatives of my wife.
‘Well mate,’ our neighbour continued, ‘if I’d known you could cook lamb like that, I’d have bloody well married you myself!’

So there you have it.

Barbecued, butterflied leg of lamb.

That's when good neighbours become good friends.
PS – if you’re looking to win the heart of an Aussie, or any meat lover, you could do a lot worse than follow the recipe in the video below. Don’t tell anyone, but it's a cinch.

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