Wylde about....Vogue.

Wylde about....Vogue.

That has to be the central message of Easter, and most of the other religious - and non religious - festivals that take place around this time of year.
And it’s interesting, isn’t it, that real food is having is something of a rebirth right now?
Whether it’s Eddie Abbew taking his uncompromising message to the social media masses or Chris van Tulleken’s excellent ‘Ultra Processed People’, real food is back.
And you don’t need to be heading to church this Easter morning to want to thank the lord for that.
Slowly but surely, we humans are drawing on an ancient collective memory.
We’re renewing our understanding of what real food is, where it comes from and why it matters.
Real food is back in Vogue. Literally, as well as metaphorically, it turns out.
So the pose I'll be striking over lunch today is 'glass raised firmly in air'.

I hope you can join me.
Happy Easter. 


PS - the market is open.
PPS - did you know that all Nick's bacon and gammon is now nitrate free?

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