Wylde about.....Vitamin D.

Wylde about.....Vitamin D.

Across the pond in Massachusetts, some clever people at Tufts University have been doing some research on vitamin D. 

They've concluded that it's seriously good for your brain.

So much so, in fact, that it might actually help fend off dementia. 

You body produces vitamin D when it gets exposed to sunshine, but that's in pretty short supply on these islands at the moment.

You can also take supplements, but being a fat-soluble vitamin there are questions over the bioavailability they offer.

So by far the best way of getting vitamin D in the winter is eating oily fish. And fortunately, we have some of the best and tastiest in the world.

That's why I'm super excited that Chris is now a Wylde producer. Chris, like his dad and grandad before him, fishes for Cornish sardines.

They are stunning and seriously delicious. 

And while you might associate sardines with summer and barbecues, now is the season. The fat in them means that they make a really satisfying meal onthese cold nights, and if you do want to save some for warmer days and barbecues, they freeze really, really well.

I just hope he catches some in time for this Wednesday's market!
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