Wylde about....Stein.

Wylde about....Stein.

The Hungry Gap is over.
Ella* and I know this because we were down on Stein’s farm on Wednesday.
Growth was everywhere.
Magnificent, glorious green growth, as far as the eye could see.
Apple and pear trees blossoming, some already forming fruit. Salads and berries and currants of all kinds bursting into life and – ready to buy right now – fresh garlic, spring onions, lettuce, chard and more.  
All beautifully bucolic. And beautifully biodynamic.

Perhaps the best bit is the fact that the hens – whose organic eggs you must try if you haven’t already – are free to roam all over this incredible, and large, farm.

Clucking around in between the various trees and plants, they’re busy foraging and pecking and pooping on the earth to make the soil ever more fertile.
It’s a closed loop of mutually reinforcing good juju and, frankly, it makes me very happy.
The Hungry Gap is yesterday’s news.
Abundance awaits. 

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*Ella is Wylde’s amazing co-founder, and you’ll be hearing a little more from her in coming weeks....

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