Wylde about....Soil.

Wylde about....Soil.

The speaker was Eddie Abbew, the social media super influencer known for not mincing his words.

And the "conspiracy" was the collusion of supermarkets and Big Food to keep folk eating crap. 
Eddie - pictured below with the other Nick, the one who does the amazing nitrate free bacon - was one of many attendees at this year’s Groundswell.


Groundswell is the UK’s annual Festival of Regenerative Agriculture and is – at a time when the stuff is in very short supply – a source of real inspiration.
I’ve written a little more about regenerative farming here, in case you're interested. 

In the end, though, it’s all about the soil. Soil and its relationship with both crops and animals. Everything depends on the health of our soil.
Regenerative farming is about working with the grain of nature, instead of against it.
And fortunately – as the number of folk who showed up at last week’s shindig showed – it’s all the rage.
Grounds(well) for optimism, indeed.

PS - the market's open, and there's plenty of regenerative produce ;-)


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