Wylde about....Fire.

Wylde about....Fire.

Robin Dunbar, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Oxford, says that friends are so important to us as humans that their absence can have profoundly negative consequences on both our physical and mental health. 

We agree.

If Wylde is about anything, it’s about the quintessentially human joy of sitting down with great pals over great food, and sharing the stories of both. 

And we want you - and them - to do more of it.

Introducing WyldeFire.

We know that lots of you tell your friends about Wylde - no doubt after you’ve fed them a fabulous meal. And we really, really appreciate that.

So - to say thank you - we’d now like to give you £15 to spend on the market, each and every time you successfully refer a pal.

And they’ll get £15 off too!

Just click here to get started.

Because good ideas should spread.
Like WyldeFire.


PS - the market’s open. And it’s absolute corker this week.

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