Wylde about....El Dia De Los Muertos.

Wylde about....El Dia De Los Muertos.

This skull comes from Oaxaca.
At least, that’s where I bought it.
In reality, it probably comes from the same factory as all the other millions of ornamental calaveras that you see for sale in Mexico.
Because skulls really do seem to be something of an obsession for Mexicans.
As I understand it, it’s an old Aztec thing - a reminder of the fleeting impermanence of life, and a call-to-arms to celebrate it while we have it.
All rather beautiful really. As is El Dia De Los Muertos - Mexico's pimped up version of All Souls Day - where the dead are invited to enjoy one more sobremesa with loved ones before heading back to Chicunamitclán, the final resting place.

And if you've seen Disney's beautiful film Coco, you'll no doubt share my view that it's the sort of invitation that would be very, very hard to resist - death notwithstanding. 

Anyway, this Halloween, if the sickly sweet ultra-processed candy frightfest ain't your thing, you could do a lot worse than take a look at these truly mouthwatering Mexican recipes from Gordon Ramsay - one fabulous, egg-based brunch dish followed by a wonderfully smoky pulled pork.

See you for the market on Wednesday.


PS - we don't talk about Bruno. 

PPS - more seriously, if you're interested in Mexican food generally you'll want to watch Eva Longoria's 'Searching for Mexico'. Honestly. It's very good. I was deeply sceptical. But I was wrong.
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