Wylde about.....Oysters.

Wylde about.....Oysters.

This is Mary. She's an oysterwoman. And one of the River Fal’s only oysterwomen.

And wild oysters from Cornwall's Fal are very, very special indeed. Not only are they still truly wild, but for centuries, they've only been allowed to be harvested by boats propelled by sail or oar.

Yep, you read that right - harvested by boats powered by sail or oar.

Amazing, no?

Mary is, of course, no exception. Working from her rowing oyster punt 'Daphne', her hand-hauled dredges are part of an ancient - and so truly sustainable - tradition that goes at least as far back as Roman times. 

After being hauled in by hand, a task which requires considerable strength and skill, Mary's oysters are cleaned and then purified in seawater tanks. This ensures they reach you in pristine condition, ready to shuck and enjoy.

Here's one she prepared earlier:

These oysters are brimming with zing (and zinc), with each mouthful just a burst of flavour.

We're expecting them to go extraordinarily quickly, given that delivery with DPD is happily slotted for Friday 23 December, so do check in on the market early on Wednesday morning.

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Best wishes and see you for the market on Wednesday,



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