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Thanks for listening to Dave talk about fish, mushrooms and building digital products! use the code REDBADGER15 for 15 pounds off an order with us

We're building systems that enable us to provide you with fresh, seasonal produce from the UK's finest independent producers delivered straight to your door. The market get restocked on Friday afternoon with some amazing produce, and do sign up for emails from our founders Nick and Ella, who'll let you know when the fishermen get back in with their catch.

You don't need to sign up to use the code, and you can add to your order anytime up to when the market closes using the code in your confirmation email

You don't have to sign up to use the code. Just use the button below to go straight to the market and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout

Take Me To The Market
  • Better For You

    Fresh, seasonal produce. Straight to your door.

  • Better For Them

    Buy direct from the people who produce your food.

  • Better for the Planet

    Food that's produced in harmony with nature

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  • Really pleased to be able to buy ethical meat and seafood for my family.


  • Thank you for the best fish I have ever been able to source.


  • Bloody delicious!


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How fresh is the fish?

Very. You won’t get any fresher unless you literally buy it straight off the boat, or catch it yourself. We add freshly caught fish and shellfish to the market on a Wednesday morning.

I can’t see a product that I wanted to buy?

Like other farmers’ market we can’t guarantee that we will have what you want every week. We list the products that our producers have based on the season, the weather and what they can make. This means that the market changes every week, we don’t always have everything and things can sell out fast. It’s best to get in quick!

We only want to give you the freshest fish so we only list fish that has just been caught on Wednesday morning.

What happens if I want to order from different producers?

You can order from as many producers as you want. We will put everything that you buy into one convenient box and send it to you to arrive on Friday.

Is all your produce organic?

All of our meat is organic or wild. Some of it's regeneratively farmed as well. Our milk, yoghurt and cream is also all organic. 

Our fish is wild and caught by independent fisherman that go out on small day boats. 

Our fruit and vegetables come from farms that are organic, biodynamic or farming to those standards without the formal certification.

What happens if I want to add to my order?

That’s easy. Just place another order. We will put everything that you buy into one convenient box for you. Use the code that you received in your order confirmation email to make sure you don’t pay for shipping twice.